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CPR Refresher Program

Introducing our new CPR Refresher program that allows you to renew your CPR certificate without sitting through a 3 hour workshop.
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First Aid Training

We provide a no nonsense approach to first aid training. All instructors are professional & experienced paramedics with ample real life experience in emergencies.
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Sudden Cardiac Arrest effects up to 33,000 Australians every year. It does not discriminate for age, gender, or fitness. When sudden cardiac arrest strikes there is no second chance.
  • Just a thank-you note. I have attended over the years a number of first aid sessions. I was fearing the 6 hour session would be 6 hours of boredom with a hopeless speaker. How wrong I was!! The speaker kept us awake and involved...and entertained which also helped. And through those techniques we learnt (or revised) a lot. He said that he wouldn't be the speaker next time( because of the boredom factor) but if you ever arrange a first aid session for another group of people I thoroughly recommend getting the same guy back.
    Sue, Friends of Diamond Creek Lower
  • I would like to thank you and your colleagues from Staying Alive for the tremendous support you have provided to the Rupertswood Football Club. Your advice and assistance in supplying an AED was greatly appreciated, and the CPR and AED training session was outstanding and extremely valuable for all who attended.
    Dr Stuart Anderson, Consultant Paediatrician, Club Doctor, Rupertswood Football Club
  • The team at Staying Alive don’t just provide a product such as a defibrillator, they really do provide a complete package including everything needed to optimise the effect of owning a defibrillator.
    Matt Cronin, President, Research Junior Football Club
  • The is an open letter expressing our gratitude to the fantastic people at Staying Alive. In March 2011 one of our young players Vinny Bonanno collapsed..and tragically passed away. Staying Alive donated a Schiller defibrillator and training to our club in honur of Vinny. The training was easy to understand and covered all aspects of the operation of our new defibrillator...If anyone is looking into purchasing a defibrillator I recommend these great people and their state of the art products.
    Chris Maclagan, Silvan Football Club President
  • Wow, I have had first aid & medical training in the past but never small group sessions by practicing paramedics. This is real time and practical, every day first aid training and support. I would recommend anyone that wants to be able to just do something in a crisis situation, to book a training session with Staying Alive.
    WOMO Review

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