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KitSwap™ is a First Aid Kit  maintenance & management program that offers peace of mind to businesses. You no longer have to worry about cleaning and restocking your first aid kits in order to fulfil your OH&S requirements. KitSwap™ does it for you so your employees can remain productive doing what your business does best.

How does it work?

KitSwap™ can either be a fully managed system or a Pay as You Go System.

Managed System:

At an agreed time frame (monthly or quarterly) Staying Alive will swap over your entire kit with a fresh, clean & restocked kit. Its just like getting a new first aid kit.

A wall mountable bracket  allows the kit to be hung on a wall in a convenient location, but remain portable so it can be taken directly to a patient and allows for a rapid swap of the kits.

Kit Swap Soft

All kits are tracked for auditing purposes.

This system has the following advantages:

  • Flat fee including kit contents – ease of budget
  • Your first aid kits are always clean and stocked
  • Contents are always in date
  • Minimise time we spend on your work site
  • Containers are highly visible, sturdy, and dust proof
  • Remain OH&S Compliant at all times

Pay as You Go:

We understand that many businesses do not require a fully managed First Aid Kit program. So KitSwap™ is also available as a Pay as You Go system.

You purchase your first KitSwap™ outright, and when you need to update your kit you can simply exchange it for a fresh, fully stocked replacement first aid kit.

This provides the following advantages:

  • You own the First Aid Kit
  • You can update contents as you wish
  • You can exchange for a complete fresh, fully stocked Kit
  • Save precious time cleaning and stocking First Aid Kits

Have specific or unique requirements?

No problems – a KitSwap™  program can be custom designed to suit your requirements.

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